Number 19:
Powerade Centre
Brampton Battalion
Brampton, Ontario


The Powerade Centre is an antiseptic, boring, spartan new arena located in the middle of nowhere. The military theme tries its hardest to cover up the empty seats, but the exposed concrete and quiet fans leave your main impression of Brampton, rather than Edwin Starr and the Great Escape theme song.

SCORE: 530/700

Architecture: Grade C
The Powerade Centre's bright metal cladding is somehow appropriate for a building nicknamed the "Bunker", but it's not exactly pretty. The building is surrounded by acres of parking lots and flat vacant land, which makes it stand out, but it's still both boring and utilitarian at the same time. Furthermore, the main entrances are the exact opposite - they're gaudy purple and blue and yellow and look completely out of place. The overall effect is both yawn-inducing and retch-inducing, which isn't easy to pull off.

Interior Layout and Design: Grade C
Moving around the Powerade Centre is only easy because no one goes. The halls are wide enough but it's only possible to walk along three sides of the building, as the fourth wall is blocked off. Furthermore, there are little jigs and nooks eaten out of the hallways which can unexpectedly close off an avenue, and if you do happen to be there on a night when the house is full, it's very difficult to move around.

Seating: Grade B
Brampton's seats may be an unappealing shade of purple, but they're new-building comfortable and there is ample leg and elbow room. Views are all good. There's not quite enough to push them into an "A" rating, but the seating is one of the better things in Brampton.

Scoreboard: Grade C
Brampton's board is OHL-standard, nothing more, nothing less. Music selection is decent and so is the sound system. Not too much to write about.

Arena Employees: Grade B
Much like a lot of the things in Brampton, I have never encountered anyone in Brampton who stood out as either good or bad. I did have one experience with the teenage girls in the souvenir stand who sold me a puck and gave me $5 in change from my proffered $5 bill, but that's hardly a complaint!

Facilities: Grade B
Brampton's facilities are decent enough for a new building, there's plenty of free parking, ample concessions and washrooms, and there really shouldn't be any reason why the Centre shouldn't be awarded an "A". Except one. The parking lot has only two exits onto Kennedy Road, which in itself is only two lanes, which means that even small crowds take forever to disperse. You can wait after the game until after the visiting team bus leaves and there will still be a line of cars waiting to get out. If the City of Brampton widens Kennedy Road and builds another couple exits, the grade will rise, but for now, it's impossible to give anything but a "B".

Atmosphere: Grade D-
The military sounds pumped in over the sound system almost seem to be done to make up for the fact that none of the people in the audience are making any noise. Brampton is a clinical, boring, spartan, antiseptic and quiet building, and virtually no one outside the team's 2000 core diehards goes to games. Having fun visiting in Brampton is definitely possible, but I would hate to have to put up with the Battalion's home every single week.

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