Number 14:
RBC Centre
Sarnia Sting
Sarnia, Ontario


Located on the far eastern outskirts of Sarnia, the RBC Centre is a clone of Guelph's building, except it accepts that it is a suburban building rather than the imitation of a downtown one. Good views, facilities, and the best scoreboard in the league bring up the SSEC's marks; unfortunately the "no camera" policy is rigidly enforced by the sphincter police.

SCORE: 585/700

Architecture: Grade B
An oval building clad in a tasteful salmon pink and blue, the SSEC fits in perfectly with the college campus on which it is built. Landscaped grounds and understated signs rank the place among the prettier new buildings in the league.

Interior Layout and Design: Grade B
A direct clone of Guelph, Sarnia also features wide, open concourses with good views of the game. The mark is only lowered by the presence of the restaurant/club seats, which make it impossible to walk 360 degrees.

Seating: Grade B
Perfectly in tune with other new buildings, Sarnia features comfortable plastic seats with decent views.

Scoreboard: Grade A+
The best in the OHL. Sarnia's board is eight-sided and massively huge, and outdoes many NHL boards in quality. It's used well to good effect too, with good video and replays, and the music selection and announcer are both decent.

Arena Employees: Grade D-
The people who staff the RBC Centre aren't horrible people, but they do take a certain perverse pleasure in doing their jobs to the letter. Technically the "no cameras" rule is a league-wide one, but in most buildings the team doesn't care, or at least the ushers look the other way. Not so in Sarnia. The sphincter police prevent any pictures from being taken at any time, no exceptions. Other employees are OK, not great but not bad, but I take a stand against the rigid enforcement of ridiculous policies here.

Facilities: Grade A
A gigantic free parking lot and plentiful clean washrooms make the facilities in Sarnia among the league's best.

Atmosphere: Grade C
I have heard that Sarnia is a subdued arena, but I have never seen evidence of it myself. I have always encountered Sarnia fans as respectably loud and into the game, with decent heckling as well. While they'll never rival Erie for noise, they're better than you might expect.


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