K-Rock Centre
Kingston Frontenacs
Kingston, Ontario


The K-Rock Centre is a worthy new arena for the one team above all others in the OHL which really deserved one. It's a magnificent facility, with a classic exterior design and loads of room to maneuver inside, but it's also relatively faceless and antiseptic. Larger crowds and some more memorabilia from the main tenants on the walls would go a long way to making it more homey.

SCORE: 605/700

Architecture: Grade A
The K-Rock Centre's limestone facade suits the city of Kingston like no other arena in the OHL suits its city. The design is perfect for Kingston, and the best compliment I can pay it is that it couldn't have been built anywhere else.

Interior Layout and Design: Grade A
For such a cramped-looking building on the outside, the K-Rock Centre is surprisingly easy to get around, with a retro twin-concourse design and halls so wide you could drive a cube van through. The fact the Frontenacs got all this out of such a small site makes one wonder why Windsor couldn't have done more with their huge tracts of land.

Seating: Grade A
Comfortable and with ample leg room. The views are all good as well.

Scoreboard: Grade B
Technically it's a fantastic setup, with an HD scoreboard and a crystal-clear new sound system. Unfortunately the graphics package is out of date and the gameday presentation does not even come close to making full use of the technology.

Arena Employees: Grade B
The K-Rock Centre's employees were helpful and unobtrusive.

Facilities: Grade B
There are ample washrooms and pretty much anything else a fan could want, with the exception of parking. The closely-packed downtown location means that parking is fairly limited.

Atmosphere: Grade D
It truly is a shame that the atmosphere in the K-Rock Centre is so dead. It's hard to fault the people of Kingston for not coming out more regularly to watch the hard-luck Frontenacs, but a few thousand more people in the stands would go such a long way to making the place more welcoming. As it stands, the K-Rock Centre is a palatial building with the quiet, sterile atmosphere of a hospital. It will be interesting to see if this changes if the Frontenacs finally are able to shake off nearly forty years of futility and ice a winning team.

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