Edmonton Ice

Arena Name: Northlands Agricom
Capacity: 3500
Built: 1984
Address: 7515 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 1Y2
Ice Surface Size: Regulation
Last Game: 1998


 Northlands Agricom

Northlands Agricom

 What's the Arena Like?

When Edmonton was granted an expansion WHL team in 1996, the NHL Oilers decided to crush their new competitor with all their might. The newly-minted Edmonton ICE were denied a lease at Northlands Coliseum, so they wound up playing at the only other suitable spectator arena in the city, the Northlands Agricom. The Agricom is located right across the street from the Coliseum, and it's actually a giant trade show and convention centre, of which the arena is only a small part.

The Agricom, now renamed the Edmonton Expo Centre, is actually located at least partially on the site of the former Edmonton Gardens, which was home of the original Oil Kings back in the 1960's and 1970's. When I visited in 2021, I found a sprawling glass building that contained on that day both a COVID testing centre and a home show. I obviously wasn't paying to get into a home show, not being in the market to buy a house in Edmonton, and particularly when I had no idea if the arena (or Hall D, as we must call it) was even being used that day.

The Agricom was apparently "an abomination of a building" according to Edmonton Sun columnist Terry Jones, and the Ice only survived two years before moving to Cranbrook, British Columbia. Hopefully someday I'll get to experience just how bad it is in person.

 What's It Used for Today?
Judging by the arena calendar, it appears that the Agricom is still used for small-scale touring shows and other things that wouldn't come close to selling out Rogers Place downtown.

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